We Honor Veterans

Community Hospice is a proud participant in the We Honor Veterans program. This is a national awareness program that focuses on strengthening partnerships and networking with other Veteran organizations in order to enhance the care and availability of services to Veterans and their families. Our goal is to recognize the unique needs and challenges of our Veterans and guide them with respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgment leading to a more peaceful end-of-life journey.

Community Hospice has been awarded “Level Three” status in the We Honor Veterans program for our ongoing Veterans Service and Outreach Activities. Our activities are as follows:


Ongoing Veteran focused education is provided to our staff and volunteers to help understand the unique issues our Veterans face at end-of-life.


During our referral/admission process, a Military History Checklist is completed to identity any Veterans entering our hospice program. This allows the opportunity to connect the Veteran to available services and benefits they may be unaware of. If the individual is interested in sharing, we also attempt to capture their story in our Military Memoir Book.


Hospice-Veteran Partnerships are being developed with medical centers and service organizations in order to assure Veterans have access to all benefits available to them at end-of-life.


Pinning & Remembrance Ceremonies provide a unique opportunity to acknowledge the military service and sacrifices made by the Veteran and his/her family. These services can be held for an individual or group of individuals at any location/event and any time throughout the year. Our services include our Veterans Team and Community Hospice staff, recognizing the veteran, thanking them for their service, placing a pin on their label and presenting them with a framed certificate of service and hand-held flag. Survivorship certificates are also presented, when possible, to honor the patriotism and sacrifice of the Veterans loved ones. To date, over 425 Veterans have been honored at Pinning and Remembrance Ceremonies.


The Community Hospice Veterans Memorial is  open to the public, and includes a 25 ft. flag pole in a raised ornamental area, monoliths honoring each branch of the service, a monolith honoring POWs and MIAs, and a monolith honoring service families. Embedded seating will offer the opportunity to sit and reflect on an honored loved one and the many who have given their lives in service to their country. The monoliths are also embossed with emblematic representations and the core values of each branch of service. Lighting has been added at the base of each monolith and the base of the flagpole as an added evening viewing feature. Designed by local landscape architect and owner of Pace Landscaping, Mike Pace, the building of the memorial began in June. The construction and landscaping work were done by Pace Landscaping, and the beautiful monoliths were created by Stevenson Memorials.