Truman House

The Truman House

The Community Hospice House (Truman House) is a 12-bed inpatient facility in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The facility is located in Tuscarawas County near the Route 77 & 250 interchange for easy access from the surrounding counties of Stark, Columbiana, Holmes, Wayne, Coshocton, Carroll, and Harrison counties. It is thanks to many generous donors a long time dream became a reality in the spring of 2012 when Hospice House opened its doors.

The Truman House is not a hospital, a nursing home, an assisted living community or a rehabilitation facility, but a comfortable home-like setting where compassionate experienced nurses and support staff provide 24-hour care to patients. With a focus on pain and symptom management, the Truman House is an option when the patient needs pain management, control of other distressing symptoms, around-the-clock nursing presence, respite or residential care. The facility also has a low patient to nurse ratio and 24-hour physician directed care.

Who pays for Community Hospice care?

Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance providers cover all hospice care costs, including medications, equipment and supplies that relate to the patients terminal diagnosis. The staff can help patients and families determine specifics as they relate to their particular situation. For patients that lack a payer source, Community Hospice offers a Community Care program that will help to offset the costs.

What services are available to patients residing at the Hospice House?

Services include a private room, accessible bath facilities, 24-hour nursing care, meals and snacks as desired, medication administration, assistance with personal care, nurse call system, telephone service, cable television and Wi-Fi. Patients also have access to services provided by social workers, music therapy, massage therapy, chaplain services, bereavement support, and volunteers.

Inpatient Care and Respite Care

Inpatient care is provided on a short-term basis for acute intervention to manage symptoms, allowing the patient to return to their place of residence when desired. Respite care is provided to give the caregiver a needed rest or break from their caregiving tasks.

Nursing Care

Registered Nurses provide individualized care to meet the needs of each patient. The care is focused on pain and symptom management, promoting independence and offering choices regarding that care. The patient remains in control of their care and directs that care for as long as possible. Nurses provide routine personal care, assistance with medications and treatment procedures and support of the patient and family.

Physician Services

Community Hospice Medical Directors visit patients to asses their condition and manage their level of comfort and medications. The patient’s personal physician remains involved in the management of the patient’s plan of care.

Social Services

Licensed Social Workers can provide psychological and emotional support for the patient and their family and provide information for community programs and resources that may be of benefit.


Community Hospice provides medications necessary to manage symptoms associated with the terminal illness. The goal of hospice care is to keep the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the last months of life. Medication needs are addressed by the hospice team and the physician.

Chaplain Services

Our chaplains offer spiritual support for the patient and their loved ones upon requested.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy specializes in the needs of patients at the Hospice House. Massage may be helpful in aiding relaxation, reducing pain, anxiety and other physical and emotional symptoms and can create an overall feeling of well-being.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music within a therapeutic relationship to address a patient’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. It is highly personalized and the focus may be on the patient’s physical state, their emotional or spiritual concerns, or on supporting family or social gatherings.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement support is available to help patients and families understand and manage their experiences of loss, change, grief, and mourning while providing support and hope.