Pet Peace of Mind

Community Hospice is a non-profit organization that provides end-of-life services to patients and families in need.  Community Hospice has been chosen by The Banfield Charitable Trust to be one of the only hospices in our area authorized to conduct the Pet Peace of Mind program.

Putting Pet Peace of Mind into Practice

Through the efforts of Volunteer Managers, volunteers have been trained in both patient care and Pet Peace of Mind.  These volunteers are anxious to assist you with the care of your pets.  That care may include such things  as walking, exercise, playing, taking the pet to the groomers, transporting the pet to the veterinarian, and assisting in ways that allow the patient to continue to enjoy their relationship with their cherished pet.

Pet Peace of Mind Coordination

Soon after admission to hospice you will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator who will assess patient and family needs. The coordinator will let you know how Pet Peace of Mind may benefit you and your pets. If you are interested in participating, the volunteer coordinator will gather further information on your pet.  Volunteers will then be assigned to visiting the patient and assisting with the care of your pet(s).

Pet Peace of Mind Cost

There is no cost to the patient for participating in the program; other than any direct costs for veterinary visits or groomers.  Funding for the training of volunteers and initial start up materials have been provided by The Banfield Charitable Trust.  Costs for ongoing materials, supplies, equipment, and coordination have been generously covered through a three year grant made possible by the Stark Community Foundation.

For more information or to become a Pet Peace of Mind Volunteer: Aimee Linderholm, Pet Services Volunteer Coordinator at 330-493-0126 or via email at