TuscBDD and Community Hospice Partner to Build Walking and Bereavement Path


The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD) and Community Hospice are happy to announce the opening of the newly built walking path that connects the two campuses. TuscBDD and Community Hospice are neighboring organizations on New Philadelphia’s south side, which both provide support and services to many residents of Tuscarawas County. The organizations are surrounded by lush, green woods that were virtually inaccessible before the construction of the walking/bereavement path. The beautifully landscaped path is a quiet place where people can access walking and sitting areas that offer a quiet retreat for calming moments.

Over the past year, plans were drawn and the path was constructed so that people being supported, staff from both organizations, and people from neighboring businesses could utilize the space for a place of comfort and respite as well as exercise. “Often times the people that we support need a place to take a break from grieving, and taking a walk seems to help quite a bit,” expressed Community Hospice Facility Care Manager, Mark Mckenzie. “The new path is perfect for people that want to get outside for fresh air and find a little bit of peace.”

TuscBDD has specific programs that encourage staff and community members to get active through walking and fitness. TuscBDD offers staff members a holistic wellness program that outlines monthly fitness challenges, which include activities that range from walking and strength training to yoga and meditation. Additionally, TuscBDD is a sponsor of the OSU Extension Fit Youth Initiative’s annual community summer walking program, which encourages all people in the community to increase their daily walking. “This is a great addition for our staff members and for the people that we support as well,” shared TuscBDD Superintendent, Nate Kamban. “It is really nice for the neighboring provider agencies because they can now take people that they support on a relaxing nature walk throughout the day without having to utilize transportation.”

Community Hospice Truman House is a state-of-the-art care setting, designed specifically to promote comfort, family, and peace. A place where everyone is committed to supporting the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually and anytime is visiting time. The grounds at Truman House include many tranquil, serene areas such as a beautiful enclosed courtyard, relaxing water fountains, outdoor gardens and meandering walk ways. This new addition will provide yet another opportunity for patients and families to come together, enjoy the outdoors and soak in nature’s beauty.

Both TuscBDD and Community Hospice are satisfied with the finished project and are happy to see it being used. The organizations are always looking for ways to partner with other local agencies and are happy to stand together on a project that is beneficial to many people in the community.