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Remembering Dr. Leslie Harrold and Julia "Judy" Linder


Within two weeks, Community Hospice lost two of our legacy volunteers – Dr. Leslie Harold and Julia (Judy) Linder. Both of these women were instrumental throughout the years in assuring the success of our organization. Undoubtedly they will be sorely missed. We had the privilege of taking care of both of them at the Truman House.

Dr. Leslie Harrold started serving as a volunteer Medical Director for Hospice of Tuscarawas County in 1987 and continued to volunteer in some capacity for 34 years, including serving on our Board of Trustees for 18 years, until just weeks before her passing. According to numerous staff, Dr. Harrold was nothing short of a genius – she had a memory like a steel trap and knew something about everything. Sometimes employing methods and treatments that were unconventional, she always had the patient’s best interests in mind. Dr. Harrold cared deeply for our staff and often gave to those in need anonymously. For many years she served as Medical Director 24/7 and 365 days a year.  There were even times she would take calls from her home – while dealing with some sort of health issue herself – because she refused to let the other medical staff down and feel overworked. Dr. Harrold was selfless and a true advocate for Community Hospice. She passed away on August 29.

To view her memorial service, please visit our YouTube page here: Dr. Harrold Memorial Service


We would also like to remember our dear friend Julia “Judy” Linder who passed away on September 4. Judy’s passion for Community Hospice began in 1986.  During that time she led our Fundraising Committee and served as a Board of Trustees member for 24yrs. Anyone who knew her knew that she was a Hospice Volunteer, and if you talked to her long enough, she would ask for a donation to hospice. Judy rarely took “no” for an answer. She raised millions of dollars over the years for Community Hospice and was instrumental in the purchase and creation of the Truman House. Judy advocated for Community Hospice any chance she got. Even from her bed in the Truman House, Judy and her husband worked to raise money, securing a check for $10,000. In 2003 Judy was recognized by the National Hospice Foundation for her outstanding volunteer service as a nominee for the Volunteers Are the Foundation of Hospice Award. She was also selected as the 2014 Midwest Care Alliance Volunteers recipient of the Heart of Hospice Award. Judy passed away on September 4 and will be greatly missed.