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Hope Rocks!


Our Columbiana County Volunteer Team had such a good time at Columbiana’s Superhero Block Party this weekend.  Youth Volunteer Lacie from Growing Traditions 4H Club helped the kids make their very own superheroes and encouraged people of all ages to paint a Hope Rock.  Many of the Hope Rock artist even left their creations behind to be delivered as a message of Peace, Hope, and Compassion for our Community Hospice patients and family.  We also talked to our neighbors about using their own superpowers (aka talents and skills) to be a hero through volunteering.

Thank you to Columbiana Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to such a fun event.

Do you want more information on using your superpowers for the good in our community? Visit www.myhospice.org and click on the ‘volunteer’ tab for more info or call 800-947-575-0164 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator in your area!