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Death Cafe


A Death Cafe is a casual gathering for adults 18 and older, focused around an open, positive, judgment-free, and for the most part, unstructured discussion about death and dying. As we continue through this COVID pandemic, many of us have been faced more directly with our mortality. What does that mean for how we live? Can talking about our views on death, our thoughts and curiosities, end-of-life issues, what we want at the end of our lives, our experiences with death and the questions we might have, improve the quality of our lives? We hope, so grab a cup of tea/coffee and maybe a favorite dessert and join us. We encourage you to listen or share as you feel comfortable.

We will be meeting in a virtual format using Microsoft Teams, which requires the internet and an active email address. Nothing will be recorded, and confidentiality is a must. Space is limited; please contact the Bereavement Care Team to RSVP by email at bereavement@myhospice.org or call 1-800-947-7284.