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Community Hospice Browse & Buy Volunteer Honored as Top Five Finalists for the 2021 Lucille Nussdorfer Woman of the Year Award


Community Hospice is proud to recognize Browse & Buy Resale volunteer Mary Ann Hershberger. Mary Ann was honored to be named a Top Five finalist for the Lucille Nussdorfer Woman of the Year Award through the Dennison Depot. She was nominated by Browse & Buy part-time employee Kathy O'Donnell. When she found out about the award, she was speechless. "Here I am with an eighth-grade education," Mary Ann humbly said. "I started at Browse and Buy because my mother was under hospice, and I wanted to give back. I do not have money to give, but I do have time, which is why I do what I do. Thank you!"  
Below is the speech Kathy O'Donnell gave to recognize Mary Ann.

I am here to present and honor Mary Ann Hershberger. Mary Ann and I met at Community Hospice Browse and Buy Resale store. I am a part-time employee, and she is one of our treasured volunteers. I am sure all of you understand what hospice is. Still, I'm not sure if you know that there is access to different hospices in Tuscarawas County. We are Community Hospice, a nonprofit organization. Many of the hospice organizations in the area are for-profit and will charge for their services. Community Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies. Whatever costs are leftover are not charged to the patients or their families. How can they possibly do this? Through donations, fundraisers and the Browse and Buy Resale stores. There are three Community Hospice Browse and Buy Resale stores in our surrounding area. They are located in Carrollton, Uhrichsville and Dover.  Our Browse and Buy Resale stores are on target to gross OVER $500,000 this year. 100% of our profit goes directly to patient care. It is because of our volunteers and tonight, specifically Mary Ann, that this is possible. We have five employees and approximately 40 volunteers. We cannot operate without our volunteers. Most of our volunteers average four hours a week. Mary Ann is in our stores up to 25 hours a week.

Who is Mary Ann Hershberger? Mary Ann is a powerful but very humble woman with a big heart who wants to help others. She is from Sugarcreek and has lived there all of her life. She was born on an Amish farm with seven other siblings. Working on this farm was hard work, and I believe this is where Mary Ann obtained her work ethic. She is the mother of three daughters and nine grandchildren. While working at Jerryshimers in Berlin for 41 years, Mary Ann also volunteered as a Sunday School teacher at her church. I can only imagine the impact that Mary Ann had on those children. What a remarkable godly influence that I'm sure these children remember today.

Mary Ann came to Browse and Buy to give back. Her 92-year-old mother was dying at home, and hospice cared for her and comforted the family. Her mother had no insurance, but that didn't matter to Community Hospice. Mary Ann wanted to return the compassion, so she joined the Browse and Buy team. Mary Ann is doing a phenomenal job of giving back. As I previously stated, Mary Ann volunteers 25+ hours each week. She arrives around 7 AM before the store opening at 9 AM and walks out at 5 PM with the employees. Constantly working, Mary Ann always comes in with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. This attitude is contagious when she is in the building, impacting the other volunteers and employees working that day. 

Another way that Mary Ann gives back to her community and others is by volunteering with an organization called: "Eight Days of Hope." This is a Christian, nonprofit organization that exists to love and serve those in need. This past July, she joined a group and went to Buffalo to restore homes that had been destroyed in a disaster. They restored 200 homes in the week that they were there. Did she and her team impact Buffalo Yes, she did, a mighty one.
Why is her work significant? We all have had, or know someone who has had, a loved one in hospice care. We all mention that we wish we could do something to help. Mary Ann did more than wish; she stepped up and volunteered. As stated previously, all of our profit goes to patient care. So she is directly helping the patients and their families under hospice care now and in the future. Mary Ann has a genuine heart to serve. Community Hospice Browse and Buy, and Tuscarawas County are better places to live because Mary Ann is a part of it.

Community Hospice had a second volunteer, Jennifer Ress (Fundraising Committee), who was named a finalist for the Lucille Nussdorfer Woman of the Year! We are very lucky to have such wonderful individuals representing our organization.