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Community Hospice Announces STAR Award Recipients


Last week, Community Hospice announced the recipients of this year’s Star Awards. The Star Awards recognize the staff who work diligently to make each day the best possible. These are the people who live the organization’s mission and work selflessly to ensure that the job is done with care and compassion. Community Hospice staff nominate deserving staff, not just clinical, for this annual award. This year’s recipients include Amy Martin, Andy Curran, Angel Brode, LeAnn Mallernee, Sonya Kohler and Wendi Dorland.

Amy Martin works as the Palliative Care Coordinator and has been serving Community Hospice since 2012. Her nomination had this to say, “Amy does an outstanding job of serving both our palliative care patients and her teammates. She goes above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs and keeps the office running smoothly. Her hard work makes our days a little easier.”

Andy Curran is the Assistant Facilities Manager since 2017. Andy was nominated because he “sees things that need attention and addresses the need without being asked to take care of it. His commitment to service has given Community Hospice the opportunity to give much-needed attention to our satellite offices and Browse & Buys. He does all this with the spirit of a servant’s heart.”

Angel Brode is an LPN with the Clinical Day Triage. She has been with Community Hospice since 2016. Her nomination had this to say, “Angel has a quiet, calm presence about herself. The way she talks to people on the phone brings stressful situations to a manageable level for loved ones. She is always willing to pick up extra work and arrives early to prepare for the day. I have 100% confidence in her character, work ethic and loyalty. She stays clear of drama and loves to take a break from phones to visit with patients. When I think about the care our patients and families deserve, I know I can depend on Angel to exceed their expectations. Her humble spirit will not like this recognition, but she deserves it.”

LeAnn Mallernee is a Bereavement Counselor who joined Community Hospice in 2014. Said her nominator, “LeAnn goes the extra mile every day to not only make the lives of her clients better but also the lives of those she works with better. LeAnn is an ear for those around her and serves as a support to others. On multiple occasions, she has taken time to help me with difficult cases and support me through my schooling. LeAnn is a blessing to work with and is a huge asset to the Community Hospice team. There have been several times where I have spoken with clients who have been referred by LeAnn’s patients and speak very highly of her.”

Sonya Kohler is an STNA and joined Community Hospice in 2013. Sonya was nominated because she “goes above and beyond for all of her patients. She follows through with reporting any issues to the PCN and deeply cares for both the patients and families. When a patient wishes for anything, Sonya does everything in her power to make it come true. She not only cares for her patients professionally but also with so much compassion. Sonya strives to be a team player and is always willing to help others when needed.”

Wendi Dorland is with a member of the Facility Care team and has been with Community Hospice for only a year. Said her nominator, “Wendi’s self-motivation and attention to detail give our housekeeping department the edge on being the best in our community. She sets a standard of excellence to be modeled by all of us. She maintains our building in a manner that reflects the type of care our patients and families should receive when they walk through our doors. Although she has only been with us for a year, she has stood out from day one. Wendi is always smiling and passes along kind words to everyone she greets. Her work ethic is like no other, and she is always willing to help. Wendi is beyond kind to patients and visitors.”