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Beachy's Ham and Chicken Buffet


Community Hospice Continues 25th Annual Beachy’s Ham and Chicken Buffet Benefit in Memory of Mary Beachy

You are invited to join us as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Beachy’s Ham and Chicken Buffet Benefit on May 14 from 4:30 to 8:00 pm at Legacy Christian School in Sugarcreek. Guests will enjoy a wonderful buffet, which features some of your favorite comfort foods and fantastic desserts. All meals are by donation and tips collected by celebrity servers are all donated back to Community Hospice. This year’s event is held in memory of Mary Beachy, the event organizer who passed away earlier this year. Through community support, this event has raised over $146,000 to benefit patient care.

“It was always Mary’s goal to complete 25 years of hosting the Annual Chicken and Ham dinner to benefit Community Hospice, explains Mona Sayre, Fundraising Coordinator at Community Hospice. “Mary recognized the need for hospice services in her community and also the importance to raise funds for patient care. She completed 24 years and was unable to complete the 25th as she passed away in March. A grateful Community Hospice, with the blessing of Mary’s family, will complete the 25th year in her memory. As a thank you to the Sugarcreek community and her family, community hospice employees will serve as the celebrity servers for the event.”

Meals are by donation, and social distancing will be observed. Carry-out options are available.