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Moments & Memories: Patient Gift Funds

Through the generosity of the communities we serve, Patient Gift Funds have been established to go above and beyond our normal operating budget in providing special experiences for our patients and their families. This is accomplished by the Community Hospice Care Team and the Patient and Family Liaison discovering the special wishes of our patients and coordinating a meaningful, joyful experience.

The Patient Gift Funds are managed by Community Hospice and will be used to serve patients within our service area, regardless if they live at home, a nursing facility or in our Truman House.

Donations to the Patient Gift Funds are tax-deductible. If you would like to show your support, donations can be made out to Community Hospice with a designation of the specific Patient Gift Fund on the note line.

Betty's Gift Fund 

This legacy fund was created in remembrance of Betty Drabik. Betty had the gift of hospitality, which included caring for others, giving to others, putting herself last, and always serving someone’s heart. This fund is used for patients in all the counties we serve.

The Furey Family Fund

This legacy fund was created in remembrance of Louis and Alta Furey and is funded by the Furey family. Louis and Alta were 60-year residents of Malvern and throughout their lives demonstrated a strong commitment to faith, family, community, and charitable giving. They hope that patients and families will find these experiences to be a blessing and a ray of sunshine in their lives. This fund is specially used for patients in our Carroll County service area.

Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation

This fund was established through a grant from the Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation.  This fund is specially used for patients in our Columbiana County service area.