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Endowment Fund - Leaving a Legacy

Create a lasting legacy in our community now and for years to come.

Community Hospice has had the opportunity to both affect and be affected by so many individuals and families over the years. The mission of our Community Hospice is to serve the communities that support us. Many have found ways to provide financial support for the ongoing work of the organization they care so deeply about. This support has taken the form of involvement in fundraisers, yearly contributions, investment in The Truman House and other avenues of furthering the work that our hospice does. In 1993, a group of dedicated volunteers established the Hospice Endowment Fund that would help to ensure that the work of Community Hospice continues in the future. You can help to “ensure” that Community Hospice will be financially able to continue its work long into the future by setting up a gift to the Community Hospice Endowment Fund.  Planned or deferred giving enables you to arrange charitable contributions in ways that help you to meet your personal objectives. Your attorney and/or accountant can further assist you in determining which type of gift will most reflect your desires and also minimize any potential income and/or estate taxes.  Consider any of these vehicles as a way of establishing a gift that will keep on giving in the future:

  1. An outright gift of money, land, marketable securities, stocks or other assets.
  2. Bequest
  3. Retirement Plan Assets
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Trust Funds

Legacy Circle

The Community Hospice Legacy Circle recognizes individuals who have included Community Hospice in their estate plan through an outright lifetime gift, a bequest, life insurance policy, individual retirement account, or some type of trust. The Legacy Circle has been established to recognize those who have donated (or designated) at least $5,000.00 of cash or other assets to the Community Hospice Endowment Fund. If you have included Community Hospice Endowment Fund in your estate planning at the designated level, we encourage you to let us know so we may recognize you as a member of The Community Hospice Legacy Circle.  

For further information or to discuss your desire to contribute through an endowment, please contact Mona Sayre at (330) 343-7605 or by email at msayre@myhospice.org.